Dr. Lisa Love
There are natural laws in the universe and the Law of Attraction is one of them.  But the secret to using
this law well comes from using it in a spiritual way.  With humor, insight, and compassion Beyond “The
Secret” details basic spiritual principles that are useful in helping you attract what you need to truly live a
meaningful and rewarding life.  I highly recommend this book.  -
John St. Augustine, Radio Host, XM
Satellite, Oprah and Friends and author,
Living an Uncommon Life: Essential Lessons from 21
Extraordinary People

The wisdom of the ages keeps being rediscovered and presented to us in various forms. When it is
done so in a meaningful and practical way, as it is in Lisa Love's book, it is worth reading. There is a
great deal of wisdom to be learned from her words and examples, which can easily be applied to one's
life so that you live a joyful and meaningful life. Reading this book can help you to find happiness and
when you do you will be a success. While reading books which try to make you a success will not make
you happy. --
Bernie Siegel, MD author of 365 Prescriptions For The Soul and Prescriptions For Living

"The much-ballyhooed Law of Attraction should come with a warning -- Oscar Wilde's observation that
"When the gods want to punish us, they answer our prayers."  It is no secret that people attract what they
want; the key is to want the right things, for the right reasons.  BEYOND 'THE SECRET' is a valuable step
in this direction."

“OK, so what if we can attract some of the things we desire? As Lisa Love makes abundantly clear, what
is far more important is learning what is worth desiring in the first place.” --
Roger Walsh MD, Ph.D.
University of California Medical School, author of
Essential Spirituality: The Seven Central Practices

"Spirit communicates to us in a variety of ways--through intuition and seemingly chance occurrences.  
By learning to listen to our heart and intuition, we have already started attracting what is in alignment
with our in-born purpose. Beyond “The Secret” reveals the true nature of Law of Attraction, so that we
may avoid the pitfalls of spiritual grasping and fulfill our true service to the world." --
Carol Adrienne, Ph.
, author of The Purpose of Your Life

Beyond “The Secret” artfully reveals how too often our ego takes over when we use the Law of Attraction
and how that sidetracks us from true spiritual pursuit.  By clarifying how to distinguish between what
your ego wants from what Spirit wants for you, Dr. Love skillfully helps readers attract more of what will
bring them true joy and peace.  
Frederic Luskin, Ph.D. author Forgive for Good and the Forgiveness

"Written in a clear and inviting manner, Beyond “The Secret” is a bold and fearless attempt to get
readers to understand the difference between using the Law of Attraction in an egotistical, versus a
spiritual way.  A very important book, indeed!"
Susan Jeffers, Ph.D., author of Embracing Uncertainty
and The Feel the Fear Guide to Lasting Love

In relationships, healing, and life it helps to know the true “secret” of what Spirit wants for your life.  You
can attract what your ego believes you need to be happy, or you can attract what Spirit wants for you.  By
showing readers how to use the Law of Attraction in a spiritual way, Dr. Love, significantly advances the
understanding of this powerful law. –
Bettie Youngs, Ph.D. author of The House that Love Built: The
Story of Millard and Linda Fuller, Founders of Habitat for Humanity and the Fuller Center for Housing

BEYOND THE SECRET will guide you on the path of fulfillment. Learn how to manifest from the inside,
out and not only realize your deepest desires but help co-create a better world for the highest good of
all.  ——
Jean-Marie Hamel, Ph.D., author of Living From the Inside Out and host on Progressive Radio

This book is a much needed wake up call.  Spiritual wholeness can not be found by simply using the
Law of Attraction for financial or material gains.  Dr. Love explains that when you are in alignment with
your true calling, abundance will be plentiful in every area of your life.  I recommend this book to anyone
who wants to feel a connection to their divine purpose.  
Jenniffer Weigel; Emmy Award Winning
Reporter and author of
Stay Tuned:  Conversations with Dad from The Other Side

When I first saw "The Secret" on DVD I had some concerns about the simplistic manner used in
conveying the message of The Law of Attraction" especially to those who were not too familiar with the
concept. What I loved most about Lisa Love's book "Beyond the Secret is that it explains in a simple yet
thorough manner to the layperson what and how to use The Law of Attraction. It does not embellish any
false perceptions about the possibility of 'winning the lotto' to someone who maybe in a severe
economic situation.
This is an honest and engaging book that will take you 'Beyond The Secret'. --
Samira Rao, author of
Living in Chaos is Living in Stability

"This book is not only a wonderful response to the idea of the law of attraction but a guide as to how to
manifest through faith what you need to be of the greatest service rather than what you may think you
want. If the motives are pure the reward is always far greater than anything we may desire." --
-Owner & VP CBuJ Entertainment, BOD member Lymphatic Research Foundation

“The Law of Attraction can be an amazing tool for getting what we want in life, but are we really making
the world a better place by wishing for sports cars and vacation homes? There’s nothing wrong with
having dreams and goals, but they must be in alignment with what’s good for us, and for our world. That’
s why Lisa Love’s book, Beyond the Secret, is recommended reading for anyone seeking to use the
Law of Attraction to manifest what they want in life. Dr. Love shows us the difference between focusing
on what’s good, and what is right. It’s an important distinction that can greatly affect our happiness and
definition of success.”—
Susan M. Heim, author, It’s Twins! Parent-to-Parent Advice from Infancy
Through Adolescence

"In a very personable and accessible style, Lisa Love's Beyond the Secret reveals essential insights into
The Law of Attraction often neglected in popular books on the subject, and helps us understand the Law
of Service.  She offers spiritual techniques for attracting financial resources to express our deeper
purpose in the world and avoiding the pitfalls of greed and isolation.  I highly recommend it." --
, co-author, Spiritual Politics and co-founder of The Center for Visionary Leadership.
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