Benefits of
Becoming the
BEYOND THE SECRET will help you find
happiness and when you do, you will be a success.
Bernie Siegel, M.D.
The Peaceful Self Process is for those who are ready to radically transform their lives so they can experience
greater love, joy, compassion, peace, awareness and calm. People who seek this process are exhausted with
the feelings of pain, abandonment, anger, fear, sorrow, denial of what is really going on, and chaos that is
brought into their lives through addictive, abusive, codependent and unhealthy ways of relating and being.

Peaceful Self Process teaches individuals how to live from the center of their Being -- that calm place in the
middle of any storm. From this center they learn to heal and resolve unhealthy patterns that create a feeling of
feeling alone, empty, depressed, jealous and angry. The
Peaceful Self Process also helps those who want to
overcome abusive and codependent patterns and addictions to food, shopping, alcohol, sex, and romance as a
method of covering up their inner trauma, pain, guilt and shame.

In addition the
Peaceful Self Process can help those who are seeking to find their deeper life purpose. It can
help them become more effective in reaching worthwhile goals, solving problems in their lives, and becoming
more motivated and creative.  

Spiritually, the
Peaceful Self Process brings more meaning to life. The process shows you how to live by spiritual
principles that help you become more loving, aware, insightful, peaceful and compassionate with yourself and
others. As you do you improve all your relationships, and increase your capacity to love and be loved in return.  

Personally, the
Peaceful Self Process helps you dissolve unhealthy patterns of relating in regards to yourself
and others that lead to low self-esteem or reactive patterns that create difficulty in relating in a healthy way.

Mentally, the
Peaceful Self Process brings more calm, clarity and focus to your mind, enhances your ability to
access your intuition, problem solve, see things as they are, and create a life that works for you.  

Emotionally, the
Peaceful Self Process teaches you how to manage your emotions so that you can get the true
gift out of every feeling and work with them effectively before they become problematic in your life.

Physically, the
Peaceful Self Process brings you more energy as it removes the stress that breaks down the
immune system and overall functioning of the body.
Dr. Lisa Love
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