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Discovery of the
BEYOND THE SECRET is a bold attempt to get
readers to understand the difference between using
the law of attraction in an egotistical versus a
spiritual way. A very important book indeed!
Susan Jeffers, Ph.D.
As far back as age eight I remember having mystical experiences and religious tendencies. Though I was a very
intelligent and sensitive child I had difficulty fitting in with other people. I was friendly enough, but at some level I
always felt different. Like many people I had experienced early on a series of traumas leaving me feeling  alone,
abandoned and betrayed. Like most wounded people I struggled to find ways to cope. Fortunately, early on I
drew from my extensive background in understanding the mystical side of Christianity and other spiritual
traditions I was exploring throughout much of my life. Over time I borrowed from a variety of spiritual disciplines
to help me dive deeper into an understanding of who we really are. That culminated in a series of mystical
episodes in 1989 that allowed me to find and realize the
Peaceful Self.

Those experiences were intense and lasted approximately six weeks. When they finally subsided (they never
completely went away), I spent approximately ten years attempting to integrate and understand all that had been
revealed to me. I now knew there was another Self beyond the personal self I had come to call Lisa. Still, I had  
to integrate more fully that Self that I now knew was there. Too often that Self  seemed distant as if it was a
“Higher Self” and I, Lisa, was a “lower self.”  

In the decades that followed that separation between what seemed like a Higher and lower Self disappeared. I
began to understand that the notion of believing in higher and lower selves was really inaccurate according to
my experience and according to what I had read in many spiritual traditions. With practice I shifted and began to
see Lisa as simply the expression of the Self I am. At first this seemed odd, but in time it became natural.
Eventually, I began to see how I, the
Peaceful Self, had created Lisa much like an Avatar in a video game who
went out into various experiences to learn and explore.

The more I knew myself to be the
Peaceful Self and to view Lisa as a vehicle of that Self, the more peaceful I
became. My spiritual practice shifted. I was no longer Lisa relating to some Higher Self as the source of love,
wisdom, compassion and peace. Rather, I was the
Peaceful Self increasingly relating to Lisa in a loving, wise
and compassionate way. Though at times I still forget even now I am the
Peaceful Self and drop into the illusion
of believing I am Lisa once more, the forgetting has become less frequent. When I do forget I simply utilize the
techniques I am now sharing with you. I call the synthesis of these techniques the Peaceful Self Process. As you
learn to implement them, I welcome you into the peace, joy, love, wisdom, courage, power, strength and
compassion these techniques and my training can bring you as they totally transform your life.
Dr. Lisa Love
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