IS IT TIME FOR YOU TO GET AWAY?      

TYPES OF RETREATS  (Click on one to learn more)


The typical retreat lasts one or two days and can be undergone in a location you
choose (such as your home, a hotel, resort, your company, or a vacation spot you
select). They can also happen in person with us at Ojai, CA where we reside.

Included in Every Individual Retreat:

  • A Pre-Retreat Manual to Help You Prepare for Your Retreat
  • An Hour Long Coaching Session Prior to Your Retreat Starting
  • A Personally Designed Manual of Exercises for Your Retreat
  • A 30 Minute Post Retreat Session to Help You Integrate Retreat Insights

Price for the Above:  $97.00 for One Day Retreat.
                            $197.00 for Two Day Retreat

Use Pull Down Menu to Select the Number of Days You Want

Optional Additional Support For Your Retreat:   

  • Yoga, Pranayama, Body Movement Session with Dana Karpain
  • Coaching Session with Dr. Lisa Love

Regarding one on one support sessions, these take place through Skype or face to
face at in Ojai if you travel to come be with us.

Price for the Above:  $100.00 for each hour of additional support

To get the most out of your retreat we recommend one to three hours of individual
support a day as your budget allows.  
Use Pull Down Menu to Select the Number of Sessions You Want
A professional with
decades of training and
experience, Lisa has
helped thousands of
people. She has a
psychologist, best-selling
author of six books; love,
relationship, & law of
attraction coach; spiritual
& transformational guide;
meditation teacher and
intuitive guide. A
syndicated columnist and
former dating
advisor, she is known for
helping others make
rapid breakthroughs. .Her
multiple psychology
degrees are in Marriage,
Child, Family Therapy, as
well as Transpersonal
and Spiritual Psychology.
Her Ph.D. dissertation
explored how people  
attract and use wealth in
a spiritual way.
Dana brings his extensive
background and years of
experience as an Integral
Yoga instructor; minister,
meditation teacher and
spiritual counselor to assist
you on your journey. In
addition, Dana’s
comprehensive background
as a professional artist, art
director, goal-setting and
wellness coach, retreat
coordinator, couples
workshop facilitator, and
world traveler have allowed
hundreds in his classes
and individual sessions to
achieve deeper states of
inner peace and self-
awareness; expand their
view of Self and the world,
and restore their bodies,
emotions, minds, and
Dr. Lisa Love
The Peaceful Self. Discover
the source of love, joy, peace,
compassion, beauty, creativity,
power & wisdom within you!
Dr. Love skillfully helps readers attract more of   
what will bring them true joy and peace.
Fred Luskin, Ph.D.
Dr. Lisa Love's Best-Selling
book on the Spiritual use of
the Law of Attraction
Getting Started
With the Process
Peaceful Self Retreat Individual Retreat Registration
Peaceful Self Retreat Individual Retreat Registration
Peaceful Self Retreats offer you a unique opportunity to  
reset your life so you can get it back into balance. They
provide you with a special focused opportunity to get away
from it all to focus on the most important person in your  life
— YOU!

Why you? Because as you may already be experiencing
when your life is full of stress, confusion, chaos, and
lethargy it often means you are not coming from the core of
your Self, that peaceful eye in the center of the storm that
brings light, love, joy, and power to your life and the lives
everyone around you no matter what.