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How is the Peaceful Self Process related to other religious/spiritual teachings?

In many respects the Peaceful Self Process brings you into rapport with the inner teachings of many spiritual
traditions. It is similar to realizing the "Christ in you, the hope of glory" to borrow from the Christian tradition. In
the Buddhist tradition it is similar to realizing your "Buddha nature."  In the Hindu tradition it is related to finding
the "Atman." Parallels can be made with other spiritual traditions as well. All the inner teachings of these spiritual
traditions have their own systems and are extremely valuable. In Lisa Love's long search she has examined
many spiritual traditions, and practiced the teachings of a few in more in depth over a long period of time. The
Peaceful Self Process is simply an adjunct to these teachings. It provides a means to constantly remind yourself
of the
Peaceful Self you are. Though realizing you are the Peaceful Self is part of the method it focuses mainly
on rooting out the addictive, abusive, codependent and unhealthy behaviors of what we call the "Avatar."

How does the Peaceful Self Process view beings like the Christ, Buddha, and so forth?

Throughout humanity's history there have always been those who have realized the Peaceful Self and brought
forth a more perfected expression of it into our world. Whether known as a Christ (the Annointed One), the
Buddha (the Awakened One), or another name they all represent those beings who have both realized what we
call the
Peaceful Self and made their "Avatar" into a vehicle of clear unimpeded expression of all that the
Peaceful Self is. Regardless of the spiritual or religious tradition they come from they all act as inspirations for
what life can be like
interiorly in the way of greater love, peace, joy, compassion, courage, power and more. The
secret is to know that the focus is on the interior nature, not the exterior life. Many of these great Beings have
gone through substantial challenges in part to demonstrate to the rest of humanity how any circumstance in life
can be approached as the
Peaceful Self.

How is the Peaceful Self Process related modern teachings from the New Thought movement?

The New Thought movement and it's various churches (Science of Mind, Unity, Church of Religious Science now
known as Church of Spiritual Living) have been very valuable in that they have helped humans understand that
they create their own reality through the power of their thinking. The biggest problem is that too often there is
not a clear understanding of who is doing the thinking or creating! There is a big difference between what we
call the Avatar (known in these churches as the ego, lower self, false self) creates and what the
Peaceful Self
(known in these churches as the Higher Self, Soul, etc.) creates. When Dr. Lisa Love wrote her book
Beyond the
Secret she was addressing the problems in confusing the two levels of who we are and which level is really
capable of creating what. Famous quantum physicist Amit Goswami in his DVD
The Quantum Activist also
speaks about the confusion the New Thought movement has created along these lines. Too often the "Avatar" is
obsessed with "getting whatever it wants" in the way of external and material wealth, pleasure, and power.
Putting the focus primarily on the external emphasis, however, creates even more difficulties splitting off the
Avatar from the
Peaceful Self. The result is that the Avatar moves into even more discontent as it chases (like
the Buddhist Hungry Ghosts) after externals for happiness leading to even greater tendencies of addiction,
abuse, codependency and more. Unless the focus is first on who you really are (the
Peaceful Self), and how to
let that
Peaceful Self guide the lower you (Avatar) into a becoming a more perfect reflection of the Peaceful Self
through the acquiring of spiritual qualities, the methods taught by New Thought movements will only go so far
before they stall out and lead to discontent in the long run.

Is the Peaceful Self Process like Eckhart Tolle's Power of Now?

Yes and no. As you step back into being the Peaceful Self you will naturally be better able to stay in the now.
Getting into the present moment is only part of what the process is about. What is more essential is becoming
Peaceful Self and all that realization entails and all it adds to your life in the way of staying calm and
centered and uplifting and transmuting the "Avatar" into a more perfected expression of the
Peaceful Self.

Is the Avatar similar to what Eckhart Tolle calls the "pain body"?

Yes and no. The goal of the Peaceful Self is to have the Avatar become an expression or vehicle of it's natural
qualities of love, peace, compassion, wisdom, power, energy, strength and more. To do this the
Peaceful Self
(that you essentially are) has to lift and change the vibration of the Avatar and it's natural tendency to stay
overly focused on painful and traumatic events and to cope with this pain and trauma through addictions, abuse
patterns, codependency and more. The more the Avatar resonates with the
Peaceful Self the more it will not
only stay in the present moment, the more it will reflect the positive spiritual qualities of the
Peaceful Self.

How is the Peaceful Self Process related to the technique known as Inner Bonding?

Inner Bonding has many useful components and is another effective technique designed to help you make a
stronger bond with your Higher Self. As in related techniques to
Inner Bonding (such as many techniques found
in the New Thought movement), it puts the focus on finding your Higher Self. The difficulty with this approach it is
does not fully relate the truth of
who you really are! The Peaceful Self Process begins with this realization of who
you really are, the
Peaceful Self, and in a sense reverses the direction. Now you are no longer are what we call
the Avatar (the false self) reaching upwards to some Higher Self to help you. You are the
Peaceful Self (Higher
Self, Soul, etc.) reaching down to transmute, uplift, refine, redeem the Avatar (which is "real" in it's own finite
realm, but is still only a vehicle or expression of the
Peaceful Self). As you get accustomed to the change in
emphasis you will come to understand this technique's added power.

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