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Carol Adrienne, Ph.D.
What does it mean to be peaceful?

Being peaceful is not a state of everything being wonderful. And, peace is not a state of lethargy where you feel
you have no energy or motivation because everything seems so easy. Peace is living from a state of calm
awareness where you approach life with just the right amount of “tension.” Consider a balloon. When it has too
little air (tension) the balloon just lies there limp.  It is basically not fulfilling its purpose and it isn’t of much use.
When the balloon has too much air (tension) it is in a state of stress and ready to break or pop at any moment.
When the balloon has just the right amount of air (tension) is has a quality of lightness of being about it. In
essence it is playful and joyful, which is why it has the capacity to bring light, playfulness, and joyfulness into life.

How is the Peaceful Self related to the idea of a Higher Self?

In essence the Peaceful Self and what most people refer to as the Higher Self are one and the same thing. The
difference in the
Peaceful Self Process is instead of believing you are a lower self looking to a Higher Self for
guidance, the emphasis is switched. You realize you are the
Peaceful Self (or Higher Self) and are attempting to
influence the lower self (called the Avatar in our programs) from that stance.

What is the Avatar?

The Avatar is what most people believe to be who they are. For example, you could say Dr. Lisa Love is an
Avatar. She is like a character created in a video game, who is an expression or vehicle of the
Peaceful Self,
who in essence she really is. Using the
Peaceful Self Process you learn whenever you are in not in a peaceful
state to let go of your belief that you are just the limited self that you normally believe yourself to be (such as Dr.
Lisa Love). In doing so you open up to a vast field of insight, wisdom, love, compassion, courage, power, and
strength. Doing so rewires and refuels the Avatar (what you normally believe to be you), calms it down, and
opens it up to whatever insights are needed to more effectively cope with whatever it is dealing with at the

Is the Avatar the same as the Ego?  

NO.  As most people use the word ego these days it is equivalent to selfishness. The Avatar as a vehicle of the
Peaceful Self is not always selfish, especially as it more accurately reflects the Peaceful Self. The avatar only
becomes selfish when it has had a number of traumatic experiences and seeks to cope with the resulting pain
using maladaptive coping strategies such as getting caught up in flawed beliefs, chaotic emotional states, and
addictive, abusive, and codependent ways of being. These coping patterns are not “bad” per se they are just
not effective. Instead of helping the Avatar work more effectively with fear, anger, sorrow and other difficult
emotions in increases their destructive power. Instead of keeping the Avatar in the eye of the storm as a vehicle
of the
Peaceful Self where life circumstances are faced in a peaceful, curious, loving, compassionate, and joyful
way, these maladaptive patterns keep the Avatar in a state of constant drama and turmoil. Then the Avatar acts
in an increasingly selfish way. As the Avatar becomes an expression of the
Peaceful Self all of this changes.

How do I avoid feeling like thinking of myself as the Peaceful Self and an Avatar as strange?  

At first, you won’t.  Most likely it will feel strange.  As you work with the Peaceful Self Process it will seem like the
most natural thing in the world.

Am I supposed to go around now referring to myself as an Avatar or Peaceful Self?  

NO!  In my everyday life I refer to myself as Lisa Love in my interaction with others. The difference is in the back
of my mind I know who I really am. I am the
Peaceful Self. At times Lisa still slips and falls into believing she is
only Lisa Love. By calling Lisa Love an Avatar and realizing once again who I really am as the
Peaceful Self,
isa stays more calm, centered, compassionate, open, peaceful and loving. What matters is the process and
knowing who I really am (the Peaceful Self) no matter what name the Avatar (Lisa) uses.

If I am telling myself I am the Peaceful Self all the time Is this just another form of spiritual bypass?

NO. The Peaceful Self Process is not a means of dissociating or denying what the “avatar” is going through. It is
not a method of rising above difficult circumstances and moving into a false state of calm by pretending life
circumstances are not hard when they are. Rather the
Peaceful Self Process provides techniques and tools to  
better observe what is happening to the “avatar” so it can be embraced with more compassion, and given tools
to help it cope with what it is dealing with in a more calm, peaceful, loving, intuitive and centered way.

Isn’t this just another form of self-hypnosis repeating to myself that I am the Peaceful Self?

NO!  This is not a process of affirmation. You are not repetitively attempting to tell yourself you are the Peaceful
. You are realizing that you are!  As you go through the Peaceful Self Process you will clearly understand the

If I discover the Peaceful Self does this mean bad things will no longer happen in my life?

No!  Life happens.  Everyone in life will go through experiences of change, loss, fluctuating emotional states,
updated belief systems, and possibly even traumatic events. The
Peaceful Self Process is not a magical formula
for making sure nothing ever happens to you (the Avatar) that is felt to be negative. Rather, it allows you (the
Avatar) to understand that whatever happens to you has the potential to expand your capacity to be conscious,
compassionate, loving, and wise.  Most of all it helps you to be peaceful no matter what occurs.

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