Spiritual Reconnection Retreat in Ojai, CA
    December 16th - 20th, 2013
          Meditation * Yoga * Silence * Healing * Realization

Enter the silence, nourish yourself and reconnect with your spiritual nature this
holiday season through this 5 day retreat!  Join us for this
Peaceful Self Spiritual
Reconnection Retreat
at the Ojai Retreat in beautiful Ojai, CA.
A professional with
decades of training and
experience, Lisa has
helped thousands of
people. She has a
psychologist, best-selling
author of six books; love,
relationship, & law of
attraction coach; spiritual
& transformational guide;
meditation teacher and
intuitive guide. A
syndicated columnist and
former Match.com dating
advisor, she is known for
helping others make
rapid breakthroughs. .Her
multiple psychology
degrees are in Marriage,
Child, Family Therapy, as
well as Transpersonal
and Spiritual Psychology.
Her Ph.D. dissertation
explored how people  
attract and use wealth in
a spiritual way.
Dana brings his extensive
background and years of
experience as an Integral
Yoga instructor; minister,
meditation teacher and
spiritual counselor to assist
you on your journey. In
addition, Dana’s
comprehensive background
as a professional artist, art
director, goal-setting and
wellness coach, retreat
coordinator, couples
workshop facilitator, and
world traveler have allowed
hundreds in his classes
and individual sessions to
achieve deeper states of
inner peace and self-
awareness; expand their
view of Self and the world,
and restore their bodies,
emotions, minds, and
Dr. Lisa Love
The Peaceful Self. Discover
the source of love, joy, peace,
compassion, beauty, creativity,
power & wisdom within you!
Day One.  On the first day of your
arrival you will be led through a series
of meditation exercises that help you
remove the stress from your life at all
levels - mentally, emotionally,
energetically, and physically.  Once
you have completed these gentle
exercises you will have begun your
entrance into a deeper state of well
being and peace.
Day Two. Having released many of the
stresses from your life this day is dedicated to
you reaching inward to contact what we call
your Peaceful Self.  We believe your Peaceful
Self to be the whole, healthy, vibrant,
compassionate being you really are.  The
secret it to remember and reconnect with this
Peaceful Self through meditative exercises that
help you reach a deeper state of silence and
inner peace.
Day Three.  Having reconnected with your Peaceful Self this day is dedicated to turning
the loving, insightful, and healing properties of the Peaceful Self upon various aspects of
your life to bring you back into balance and resonance with the Peaceful Self you really are!

Day Four.  Throughout this day we will deepen your capacity to access the love, light and
spiritual power of your Peaceful Self to help you strengthen the connection with it. You will
also be provided with exercises that help you understand how you lose touch with your
Peaceful Self and how you can gently guide yourself back into remembrance of it.

Day Five.  On this final day allows you to take this renewed sense of who you really are as
the Peaceful Self into your everyday life to create a deeper state of inner peace, calm,
compassion, and joy over the holiday season and into the coming year.
Additional time will be allowed to relax on your own, schedule one on one
time with us, take a hike, get a massage, or enjoy the Ojai Valley.

Location of the Retreat. The retreat will be held at the beautiful Ojai
Retreat with stunning views of the Ojai valley, a lovely open area with a
waterfall, an outdoor fireplace, a spacious yet cozy meeting room, a
smaller meeting and reading room, and beautifully decorated guest
bedrooms. I encourage you to go directly to their website to learn more
about them and see pictures of the exquisite rooms available and book
your lodging there now at
Cost Details. The cost of the retreat is $295 if you pay on or
before December 8th
and $395 after December 8th.  The Ojai
is also offering 35% off rooms for those who come to the
retreat. The cost of retreat does not cover meal and lodging
expenses, though the
Ojai Retreat does provide a continental
breakfast for those who stay there.  During the retreat there will also
be times during the day to rest, get a local massage, or schedule
some one on one time with us.  Additional charges will apply for
massages and one on one sessions.

Need help or have questions?
 Call: 858-356-8359.  
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                         General Schedule for All Five Days.

9 am to 11 am:   Meditative/Contemplative Exercises led by Lisa & Dana
11 am to Noon:  Yoga, Breathing & Body Movement with Dana Karpain
Noon to 1:00:     Lunch
1 pm to 2 pm:     Meditative & Contemplative Exercises led by Lisa & Dana
2 pm to 3 pm:     Spiritual Guidance Session with Dr. Lisa Love
3 pm to 4 pm:    (Time off to schedule massage, or go through additional spiritual
guidance session or additional yoga, breathing and  body movement session)
4 pm to 5 pm:  Meditative & Contemplative Exercises led by Lisa & Dana

                                  Specific Themes of Each Day